I am a psychology undergraduate at Fudan University (expected 2019) and future UX researcher/designer.

My academic interests lie in HCI and developmental psychology. Seemly too distinct? Rather, the future of society could be even more dependent on technology. Therefore, technology is able to shape human development. But in what direction and how? Bringing my academic interests to the UX world, I aim at introducing pleasure and meaning to technology that can eventually lead to a better development.

Currently, I am conducting user research for an education app to promote learning. At the same time, I am working on an academic HCI research and an industrial UX design product, which confirmed my ambition to empower human development through better interaction with technology.

In the past two years leading up to my current ambition, I have worked as UX research intern to evaluate the PISA test and to redesign Intranet. I have also conducted research on creativity and media, and worked as an RA for a longitudinal research on sibling relationships.

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