UXPA: Element C

An app that provides recovery instruction videos for slight physical injuries.

Product Management / Interaction Design

Competition Project / April 2017 ~ July 2017

About the APP

Element C is a UXPA 2017 design competition app. It is a health app aiming at providing recovery instruction videos for people suffering from slight physical injuries. Element C also allows you to check the health status of your family.

About Us

We are a very dynamic team. Team members come from different backgrounds, including psychology, business, history and physics. The final delivery is a high-fidelity interactive mockup. Though it is not perfect, it marks my first product management and interaction design experience.

My Role

Jiaqi Zhu
Yuqi Zhu
Pengxiao Yao
Pengfei Zhang
Yunpeng Chen

Product management
Information architecture
Lo-fi wireframes
Hi-fi prototypes

Research Process
Secondary Research

Secondary research indicates that slight physical injuries are prevalent. Injuries caused by inadequate exercise and long working hour are almost prevalent. Moreover, as the society is moving toward an aging one, after-surgery recovery trainings and health care information are getting more attention.

Competitive Analysis

We analyzed Recova, Well Health and Midong Health for their major functions, market and design. The personal and family health tracking function, the concept of family circle, the provision of health information inspired us. Also, we found that the strong reliance on hardware made Midong health less popular than other health-related APPs. Therefore, we decided to not rely on hardware for our product.

Good tracking system for Recova

Social element by Well Health

Headware reliance of Midong


We collected 96 surveys to confirm our hypothesis that there was a need for slight physical injury recovery. Results indicated that:

95% respondents reported having at least one slight physical injury.

The most common injuries were eye discomfort (59.38%), wrist & back pain (38.54%) and shoulder & neck pain (33.33%). The widespread of slight physical injuries confirmed our hypothesis that an app that assists in slight recovery was needed.

Sport-lovers had the strongest download intention.

For those who exercised more than an hour daily, the download intention exceeded 8 out of 10. However, for those who did not exercise often, the download intention was relatively low (4.5/10). 

Information Architecture

The app has four main tabs: health, discover, notification and mine. Health tracks users' recovery plan and status. Discover assist users in finding desired instruction videos, health information, and recipes. Notification allows users to receive the latest news from family members and other people they are following. Mine contains personal information and health data. 

Design Solutions
Lo-fi wireframes
Hi-fi prototypes

If we have got more time -

  • We will redo our user research and come up with more solid and detailed user needs. Some features in our current prototypes are not validated by our target groups yet. We are not quite sure whether these needs really speak to our users.

  • We will conduct more usability tests, especially in the early stage. 

Despite these inadequacies, I have learned a lot from this project -

  • I learned to host brainstorming sessions in a group

  • I learned to better communicate ideas in a group

  • I learned to determine the feature list for a product

  • I learned to use design tools to create wireframes and prototypes

  • I learned to use PPT to create video

  • ...

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